(Compulsive Skate Buyers Anonymous)

Hi, my name is Matt and I’m a compulsive skate buyer.

I have been rolling on and off for 10 years this August and I have bought quite a few pairs of skates in that time. I stopped rolling for about a year and started up again in late 2008. Since then I have been buying skates like there was absolutely nothing better to spend my money on.

I think I can boil the reason for this down to 2 things.

  1. Like a little kid in Christmas day, I like the excited feeling you get when you order a new pair of skates, wait in anticipation for them to arrive, and the magic moment when you open the box.    
  2. I love all skate products, but skates in particular. I like looking at them, trying different skates out and investigating skate technology and innovations.

I’m not proud of my habit, I know i have wasted so much money on skates I didn’t need.

What I’m about to do is going to be painful, but I think I need to do it to show myself just how much money I have wasted on this expensive habit.

Below is a list of skates I have bought since late 2008 and, to the best of my memory, what I paid for them.

  1. Remz 08 team- $500
  2. Deshi carbon black- $400
  3. Xsjado farmer 3- $300
  4. Xsjado Dw1- $300
  5. Remz os3- $350
  6. Deshi Carbon black/white-$350
  7. Valo eric Bailey- $500
  8. Razors SL Aragon 3- $400
  9. Remz Chris haffey 2.0-$300
  10. USD carbons- $350
  11. Xsjado setup-$200
  12. Valo soichiro kanashima- $300
  13. Remz 09 team- $500
  14. USD carbon 2- $400
  15. Razors Genesys 7.3- $380

Total cost $5530

Considering 4 pairs of skates over the last 2.5 years would have been more than sufficient, I have wasted approx $4000 at a minimum.

 I think it’s time to quit this habit……


2 responses

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and all u had to do was keep the xsjads as u know u will always go back to them

    May 4, 2011 at 11:14 am

  2. Darron

    Lol!!!! That nothing, i looked at my spend in bayside, and in 7 year skating, i have spent $11,000, that includes the staff discount!!!!!!

    May 7, 2011 at 12:21 pm

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