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South Coast Day Trip

… with two skating clips.


Evolution of Rollerblading

A documentary about the future of rollerblading and the new style and direction the sport is going. Rollerblading has now got a new style, look and skill level.

This HIGH BUDGET production by monkeyrug productions

Filmed on the Iphone 4


Slow mo Test

Just testing out the 60 fps feature, no bangers here just testing on a lazy arvo sesh at lakeside

A bit of old school

Here is an old video called “urban styles” , it was sitting on my computer so i thought id upload it since this site hasnt been updated in an eternity

New Canthrax Edits!!!!!

Check this sweet edit put together by Matt Dudley featuring some Canthrax rollers and melburnians that happened to visit this fine city (Muhahaha)……….

here is a bonus from rhys aswell

Blast from the past!!!!!

Click here to see into the past……….

Sunday Slidey Sesh on Julians Slippery Sweet Box

On Sunday we had the PLEASURE of GRINDING Julians BOX……………….

Filmed and edited by Matt Dudley. To honor our dedicated filmer extraordinaire we have a pic for your viewing pleasure.